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Grounds for refusal of a visa for Kazakhstan

Worried about a possible visa refusal? In Kazakhstan, as in any other country, there are grounds for visa refusal, which you should familiarize yourself with:

  1. For the purposes of national security, protection of public order and/or public health;
  2. If the actions of the visa recipient are aimed at violent change of the constitutional order;
  3. If the visa recipient opposes the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, calls for violation of the unity and integrity of its territory;
  4. If the visa recipient incites interstate, interethnic and religious enmity;
  5. If it is necessary to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other persons;
  6. If during the previous stay of the visa recipient in the Republic of Kazakhstan facts of violation of the legislation on the legal status of foreigners were established;
  7. If, when applying for entry, the visa recipient has provided false information about himself or has not submitted the full package of documents provided for by these Rules;
  8. If the visa recipient has been convicted for terrorist activities or recognized by the court as a particularly dangerous recidivist;
  9. If the visa recipient has not provided proof of the availability of funds necessary for stay and departure from the Republic of Kazakhstan, except for oralmans, persons born or former citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, and members of their families;
  10. In case of failure to fulfill the conditions for obtaining a visa provided by these Rules.
  11. Also, persons previously expelled from the Republic of Kazakhstan are not allowed to enter the Republic of Kazakhstan within 5 years from the date of the court decision on expulsion.

The reason for visa refusal is not disclosed. If you have received a refusal, but you realize that the above reasons have nothing to do with you, we will be happy to assist you in resubmission! 

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