Residence permit in Kazakhstan

A residence permit is an official status that grants the right to reside in a country but does not confer full citizenship. A residence permit can be issued for a fixed term or on a permanent basis and can give you access to various benefits such as employment, business opportunities, education, healthcare and many others. In order to obtain a residence permit in Kazakhstan, you need to submit the appropriate documents and undergo certain procedures established by the migration authorities. 

The grounds for obtaining a residence permit can vary and include factors such as employment, business activities, family circumstances or investments. Among the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan are the following: 

  1. Marriage to a citizen of Kazakhstan. 
  2. Birth on the territory of Kazakhstan. 
  3. Origin by nationality — Kazakh. 
  4. Presence of close relatives already living in Kazakhstan. 

         Obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan gives a foreign citizen the right to reside in the country for a fixed period of time, which can be extended if certain conditions are met. In addition, holding a residence permit provides additional privileges such as the right to work, education or medical care.

However, this process of obtaining a residence permit can be complex and confusing, and the quality of the services provided can greatly affect the success and outcome of your foreign status. 

Difficulties in obtaining a residence permit 

The process of obtaining a residence permit can be very complicated and depends on many factors such as, your status, education, marital status, etc. Some of the common difficulties people face while applying for a residence permit include: 

  1. Improper paperwork and incomplete compliance.
  2. Lack of experience and knowledge in the laws of the foreign country.
  3. The need to meet deadlines and strict immigration rules.
  4. Difficulties in communicating with government agencies in a foreign language.
  5. Potential risks and consequences of violating local laws. 

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